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Rosalyn Francis

Dr. Rosalyn R. Francis is a natural born Visionary, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Authentic Leader and Educator. She is the daughter of the late Mr. Earl Francis, Sr. And Dorothy Mae Nelson. A unique ambitious kid who was always eager to try different things if the cost equated value. At age 7, I thought of being a nun, but that idea quickly vanished after my first boy crush in 6th grade. After choosing to play the trumpet in 6th grade, I knew then I was different being the only girl in the entire school to do so was pretty amazing.  After I realized that I sounded horrible while reading sheet music, I had no other choice but to play by ear, then I realized something was peculiar about me. I grew up in an urban community where neighborhood kids would gather on our front porch to shoot marbles, play checkers, and neighborhood sports. The streetlights during that time were a no brainer because we knew better not to step foot in the house after dark.  On Sundays after church, we raced to Mr. Craven trunk to buy peanut patties and pickles. That was then our neighborhood grocery store and still is today of course without Mr. Craven. I was definitely daddy’s girl. Every day at 6pm rain or shine, I would dash down the street to the bus stop to meet him after work. He was cool, calm and collected during many obstacles as I am today. I truly valued the opportunities waking on Saturday mornings finding my way to the kitchen cabinet to grab dusk rags and furniture polish dusting as I sang my favorite tunes to the Jackson Fives. Then jetted off to Ms. Mildred’s hair salon for a hot press was my favorite time of the day. The day when I turned 17 years old, I secured my first big job at Burger King. Working on Saturdays and Sundays became my new norm. I knew then it was time for business and the responsivity that tagged alone.  I was taught early about the value of time management, and saving pennies to make ends meet was crucial during difficult times, neither my siblings nor I was ever late for school in all 12 years as students. I was brought up in a strict household where values taught by my parents showed me how to survive with less; it demonstrated how to survive in the most challenging circumstances. The work ethics I exemplified from both parents solidifies who I am as vibrant, intuitive, knowledgeable, wisdom seeker that aligns profoundly with my values in spirit, mind and soul.  Today, I still exemplify uniqueness. My strength comes from a source that I am unable to explain but has the audacity to share with others; to share with others how my 30-year background as a Philanthropist, Entrepeneur, Mentor, Educator, Community Organizer, Authentic Leader, and the many brilliant minded  women and men in the highest of places of entrepreneurship and successful business owners  has led me to success. I am the Founder and President of the Settegast Heights Redevelopment Corporation-Northeast Community, and Global Supplier, LLC, a minority woman owned supply chain and manufacture whose mission is to change the trajectory to drive the economic value in underserved and underutilized communities. I have been instrumental in developing initiatives that provide exceptional support to advocate for those who are unable to do so. I have passionately mentored and transformed many lives. I passionately serve unrepresented and underserved communities. My profound interest is to create sustainable visuals and design sustainable communities of all sizes, shapes, and types with the emphasis of building and designing innovative and forward-thinking communities of every genre.


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