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Shoshana Grove

Shoshana Grove is an award-winning executive with leadership experience in the public and private sectors. As Chief Executive Officer at International Bridge, Inc., she has primary responsibility for driving the company’s innovative technology and global parcel delivery strategies. Grove serves concurrently as the Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for, a customs compliance and digital auditing platform, that serves many of the world’s largest e-Commerce entities.Previously, Grove served as Secretary and Chief Administrative Officer of the Postal Regulatory Commission, the regulatory body charged with oversight of the United States Postal Service (USPS). With $69 billion in revenue and nearly 500,000 employees, USPS is the world’s largest postal operator. Grove served for over 30 years in USPS field operations and Headquarters, where she managed shipping programs and business relationships the world’s largest mailers.Grove is a past President of Executive Women in Government, serves on the Board of Parcel Shippers Association, is Chair of Women in Delivery and Logistics Services, is a member of the State Department International Postal Policy Advisory Committee and serves on working groups of the US Customs Operations Advisory Committee. Her company serves on the Board of the International Mailers Advisory Group. Grove is a frequent industry author and speaker.