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Susan Mazza

Susan Mazza works with leaders and their teams to lead change and transform their performance, relationships and work environment as a Business Consultant, Master Facilitator, Leadership Coach and Motivational Speaker.

Susan has been named a Top 50 Thought Leader in Leadership and a Top 100 Conference Speaker in Inc. Magazine, as well as a Top 100 Thought Leader by Trust Across America/Trust Across the World.

Frequently listed as one of the top 100 Leadership Blogs in the world, Susan is a recognized thought leader and leadership expert. She is the founder and author of the highly-acclaimed blog and the creator of the Leadership in Action System™, a proven system for elevating your leadership and amplifying your impact through the power simple, everyday actions of leadership, accountability and strategy.

She is also the creator of the Strategy in Action™, a Program designed to empower business owners and organizational leaders to think more strategically in everything they do and to make strategic decisions that empower them and their team to get clear, stay focused, work smarter in their everyday business and interactions.