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Twyla N. Garrett

Exceptional Serial Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Homeland Security Strategist, and compelling Author, Twyla N. Garrett, is a native of Ohio who currently resides in Raleigh, North Carolina, where she manages her multi-successful businesses. Twyla graduated from the John Marshall High School and holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Ursuline College. She also holds a master’s degree in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix, and various Executive Management Programs to include Dartmouth University Tuck School of Business.

As a remarkable entrepreneur, and with experience gained working as an accountant for the federal government, Twyla started her first business in 1996 providing bookkeeping services. In 2000, she founded and sold in 2016 IME, a successful Homeland Security Managing Consulting firm. She now is the founder of Growth Management Services (GMS), a Construction Program Management Firm with revenues of over one million dollars within two years of opening, and Integrated Responders Group (IRG), a Full Services Independent Claims Management Firm.

Twyla is known for her notable (oftentimes 100% self-funded) business deals, and she strives to provide excellent opportunities for individuals faced with immense personal and social challenges, especially related to abuse. At GMS, she seeks out the homeless and ex-offenders for a second chance and offers them full-time sustainable work. With her ability to speak on delicate and motivational topics, Twyla has been personally invited to The
White House to speak on issues relating to creating jobs, economic growth, and the controversial fiscal cliff of 2012. Twyla is also passionate about helping individuals become meaningful persons in life and is writing another book to aid young and emerging entrepreneurs in scaling their businesses, so they are big enough to create sustainable employment to those living within their communities.

Her new book My Mother’s Words is a motivational study on how individuals can turn their worst experiences into their greatest triumphs.

Twyla enjoys spending time with her family and friends, solving, and tackling human trafficking-related issues, motivational speaking, voluntary services, writing, and traveling.

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