CarynSeidman Becker

Caryn Seidman-Becker


Caryn Seidman-Becker is the co-founder and CEO of CLEAR, the secure identity platform, which uses biometrics to make proving you are you simple.
A former hedge fund manager, she and a colleague bought Clear’s predecessor out of bankruptcy in 2010. When she and co-founder Ken Cornick began with CLEAR in 2010, they had a vision for a future that was both safer and more frictionless. They started in the toughest environment, the airport, and today have a platform that gives more than 10 million members experiences that are secure, predictable and time-saving in more than 60 venues around the country. Caryn leads 2000 team members who are all committed to growing CLEAR’s ability to create safe and easy member journeys and supporting its members, partners and communities. Under her watch, Clear Secure has grown, generating $230 million in 2020 revenues from subscribers; it’s in 38 airports and 26 venues nationwide.
After raising capital from investors including airlines Delta and United, she took the company public in June 2021 at a $4 billion valuation.

Year appointed: 2010