Fidji Simo


Fidji Simo is the CEO of Instacart. Prior to taking that position, she was head of the Facebook app at Facebook, and Vice President of Video, Games, and Monetization. Previously, Fidji was on the boards of the L.A. Dance Project and Cirque du Soleil. In October 2021, she co-founded the Metrodora Foundation, a health clinic and research institute and is now the president, a board member and investor. The Metrodora Foundation is focused on treating patients with neuroimmune conditions. She also co-founded Women in Product, a nonprofit organization for women in product management. The organization works to advance the careers of women in technology and advocates for equal representation in the workplace. In December 2021, Fiidji joined Shopify’s board of directors. She holds a Master of Management degree from HEC Paris. She spent the last year of her program at UCLA’s Anderson School of Business.

Year appointed: 2021

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