Judith Fran Marks

Otis Worldwide Corp

As President and CEO, Judy Marks is leading Otis through a digital and cultural transformation that will drive its long-term success as an independent, publicly traded company. With 35 years of industry experience, Judy has witnessed technological advances that integrate emerging and mature technologies in a way that further benefits society. Judy has held senior leadership roles at three global icons: IBM, Lockheed Martin and Siemens AG. She was serving as CEO of both Siemens USA and DresserRand, a Siemens business, when appointed President of Otis in 2017. She built her career on a host of challenging assignments, creating solutions for both global customers and government entities. A self-described technology zealot, Judy applies digital technologies and actively uses social media to amplify the reach of her messages. For her, leadership is about creating a sense of mission among employees. She earned a BS in electrical engineering from Lehigh University.

Year appointed: 2019