Laurel Sayer 1

Laurel Sayer

Perpetua Resources

Laurel Sayer has served as President and CEO of Perpetua Resources, since 2016. Under her leadership. Perpetua Resources is committed to Idaho’s resources and people, to restoring the abandoned Stibnite mining district and to responsibly developing the critical resources needed for a more secure and sustainable future. Before her appointment as CEO, Laura served on the Perpetua Resources Board for two years. Prior to her association with Perpetua Resources Board, she worked as the executive director of the Idaho Coalition of Land Trusts (ICLT), which is dedicated to supporting and advancing private land conservation in Idaho. Laurel also spent more than two decades working on policy matters with Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson and Idaho United States Senator Mike Crapo, with an emphasis on natural resource issues. She is the recipient of the Ed Hill Conservation Award for her efforts in land conservation in Idaho’s Upper Snake River Valley and holds an Associate Degree in Business Administration and Management from Ensign College.

Year appointed: 2016