lynn good 3

Lynn Jones Good

Duke Energy

As Duke Energy Chair, President & CEO, Lynn Good, runs one of the world’s largest energy holding companies. Lynn has been guiding the company to adopt newer technology and more capable solutions to shape both the company’s and the planet’s future for the better. Her 10-year vision for Duke Energy is to cultivate the company’s natural gas groundwork and build more resilient, intelligent energy grids with the capability of generating cleaner energy. By 2050, Lynn looks for Duke Energy to achieve net-zero emission ensuring customers with safe, dependable, clean energy in addition to strengthening the company’s environmental stewardship. Prior to becoming CEO, she served as Duke Energy’s CFO and began her utility career at Cinergy. Before joining the energy sector, Lynn was a partner at two international accounting firms. She holds a BS in systems analysis and accounting from Miami University.

Year appointed: 2013

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