Samatha Mueting 1

Samantha Mueting

iCORE Global

iCORE Global is led by Samantha Mueting, its founder and CEO. Educated abroad, Samantha is known worldwide as an entrepreneur, industry leader, and has been credited for several successful start-ups.With currently 301 offices worldwide, and consistently putting numbers up worldwide that keep iCORE in the 10 ten worldwide. Throughout her 30-year professional career Samantha has focused on highest and best use architecture of the foundational business; having applied this in the real estate world, she developed and mastered a unique approach to Global Business Channels. In her early career as a strategic real estate consultant, she recognized the need for, and the benefits of, specific client advocacy. Moreover, she recognized the traditional real estate environment operated in conflict with its own client base. She has had the opportunity to define global real estate trajectories, mergers, de-mergers, and disruptive growth.

Year appointed: 2009