Sarah E. Nash

Bath & Body Works, Inc.

Sarah E. Nash is currently the Interim CEO (May 12, 2022) and Executive Chair (February 2022) of Bath & Body Works. Additionally, she is the owner of Novagard, a privately held manufacturer of silicone coatings and sealants used in electronics, electric vehicle batteries, medical electronics, aerospace, window and door manufacturing and construction. She is committed to working with business leaders and supply chain partners to deliver innovative products in a world increasingly looking to electrify everything. Sarah spent almost 30 years at J.P Morgan, helping to transform it from a commercial to an investment bank. She retired in 2005 as vice chair of Global Investment Banking She currently serves on a number of public, private, and non-profit boards including HBD Industries and is a trustee of New York Presbyterian Hospital. She holds a BA in economics and political science from Vassar College.

Year appointed: May 2022