vicki hollub 3

Vicki Hollub

Occidental Petroleum

Vicki Hollub, has proven herself a leader with widespread acumen and control of Occidental’s business. She is responsible for all of Occidental’s operations, including financial management and strategic planning with a goal of making Occidental the top company in the oil industry. In her 35 years with Occidental, Vicki has held management and technical positions with responsibilities on three continents, including roles in the United States, Russia, Venezuela and Ecuador. Most recently, she served as Oxy’s President and Chief Operating Officer, overseeing the company’s oil and gas, chemical and midstream operations. Vicki serves on the boards of Lockheed Martin and the American Petroleum Institute; is chair of the World Economic Forum’s Oil and Gas Community and a member of the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Mineral Engineering from the University of Alabama.

Year appointed: 2016

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