Nadia Rosseels

DPI Specialty Foods

DPI Specialty Foods

Nadia Rosseels is a highly skilled executive with over 20 years of IT experience. She has a unique capacity to transform complex business requirements into efficient solutions, making her an expert in business process optimization. She oversaw numerous key projects at DPI, which resulted in increased business efficiencies and significant annual savings for the company. DPI Specialty Foods’ Chief Information Officer, Nadia Rosseels, provides vision and direction to a team of seasoned IT professionals. Nadia believes that a company’s success is largely determined by how successfully all departments, including Information Technology, collaborate as partners to achieve business objectives. Nadia started her career as a Financial Analyst in Belgium. Shortly after she joined an IT Consulting firm which kick-started her career in Information Technology. In 1999 Nadia moved together with her husband to California where she continued working as an IT Consultant with the “Big 4” IT Consulting firms for 15 years. In 2012, a few years after becoming a mother, Nadia joined DPI Specialty Foods to supplement DPI’s internal IT team. Nadia’s career took a significant change at this point. She rose to the position of IT Director by forging strong bonds with business counterparts across all functional areas. Nadia was promoted to VP of Information Technology in 2016 and to CIO in 2018. Nadia holds a master’s degree in Business Economics and Information Technology.

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