Ally of Her PR 1

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Allies from Core Civic, Go West Creative, and Guerrier Development Forecast Amplify  and Support for their Women coll  of Today and Tomorrow

[Nashville, TN] March 30th, 2023  – Women Business Collaborative, WBC, a collaborative made up of millions of diverse women and men dedicated to advancing women forward in the workspace, is excited to announce its “Ally of HER”  social fundraising campaign. For this campaign, WBC will team up with others to support their efforts in the fight for equal pay, power, and position for women in business. From April 1st – May 13th, WBC is taking over the ally’s Instagram accounts and utilizing their platform to advance women. Show up and show out to support these allies through their campaign. Partners of Ally of HER will promote their personal fundraising campaigns using their platforms to support the future of work equity for women. For more information, head over to www.wbcollaborative.org.

The campaign is packed with esteemed leaders like David Fishchette, CEO & Chief Creative of Go West Creative. Fishchette has a long track record of allyship, notably as a board member for YWCA and as a featured speaker at the United Nations, speaking on Gender Equity. Along with him, some of the other participants include Damon Hininger, President/CEO of CoreCivic, and Curtis Vinson, Account Executive at FreshBooks.

“WBC recognizes that men’s leadership, advocacy, and sponsorship are fundamental to women achieving gender parity in the workplace.”

Ally of HER is WBC’s ongoing program to facilitate women’s progress in the workspace through male allyship. This program hosts regular sessions to provide men and companies with resources and tools to promote allyship and offer support to their women counterparts and employees.

The organization has recently hosted webinars like “Ally of Her: Why Every Company Should Have an Allyship Program,” and “ALLY OF HER: Integrating Women Leaders Foundation (IWL) CEO Unveils ‘State of Allyship-in-Action’ Topline Research Study Results” Along with their sessions, they regularly post resources for the public, focusing on both gender equality and DEI training.

WBC continues to make waves by combining smaller collaboratives to create a colossal resource for working professionals to move forward. Their efforts have not gone unnoticed, as they have curated a roster of exceptional professionals to lend a hand in amplifying equality.



Women Business Collaborative is an alliance of business women’s organizations working together to achieve equal position, pay, and power for all women in business. It is a social movement consisting of millions of diverse, professional women and men, business organizations, public and private companies and the media leveraging the power of collaboration to accelerate change. To propel women forward, WBC has united more than 80+ leading women’s organizations, activating its vast alliance to attain immediate and long-term results around nine essential action initiatives – more women as CEOs, in the C-Suite and on Boards; a demand for gender pay and parity; increasing capital for women entrepreneurs; driving more women as controllers of capital allocation; parity for women in underrepresented business sectors such as technology; and leveraging learning and development to drive pipeline promotions. Interwoven across every initiative is WBC’s call for inclusivity, diversity and equality for all women, including women of color, the LGBTQIA community, and other disenfranchised women.