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Women Business Collaborative is excited to announce the release of our Companies of Purpose Toolkit.  WBC is committed to supporting companies as they build holistic strategies to integrate DEI in their talent, brand, and community engagement work to align corporate purpose and drive impact.

With a spotlight on the “S” in ESG and DEI, WBC’s Companies of Purpose program is leading the charge to define corporate purpose in today’s business environment. Companies of Purpose thrives on the momentum of leaders united in forging accountability. We aim to scale innovation, exchange leading (proven) strategies, and demonstrate how companies can individually and jointly cultivate diverse leadership, promote equity from talent to brand to community, thereby driving impactful and purposeful outcomes. 

What's inside:

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Read an excerpt of the Toolkit here:

We are in a revolutionary era, a time of transition and transformation, in which the purpose of many companies goes beyond the quest for higher profits. A company of purpose seeks to do more than make money by reframing its mission: “What is the company’s value to society? What is the company’s responsibility to its customers, to its community, to the environment and to its employees?”

Many companies have made remarkable strides in altering the way they do business by taking into account their impact on the environment. This is real progress and is certainly laudable, but let’s look further. Can a corporation create strategies to protect the environment yet neglect to prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion and still be considered a “company of purpose”? The answer is no.
By looking at DEI—in recruiting and retaining talent, in building partnerships and in engaging with the community—a company strengthens its brand while increasing profits and addressing societal goals.

By definition, a company of purpose creates a culture that treats all employees with fairness and dignity and works to build impactful partnerships and improve the communities it serves. Diversity, equity and inclusion must be part of the very fabric of companies whose values go beyond profit and strive to embody a mission, or purpose, that speaks to a concrete human or
societal need.

The benefit of this transformation is profound. Companies that embrace the transformation from making a profit to serving the needs of a community, or society or the planet, find that their profits increase. Consumers respond to a mission-driven organization. Employees are motivated. All feel good about supporting a corporation that has a positive role in the world.
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This toolkit lays out the holistic approach integrating DEI across talent, brand and community. It also provides a wealth of resources from the WBC community that can help launch or enhance your efforts.

WBC supports corporate environments built on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), where all employees can thrive—corporations that positively impact the partners they work with and the communities they serve. WBC is committed to  ensuring equal position, pay and power for all women in business. 

We are truly faster together. 

To gain access to the toolkit and learn more about becoming a WBC Company of Purpose click here.

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