Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of WCGC?

The Women Cyber Governance Collaborative (WCGC) wants to increase the number of qualified cyber savvy women in the corporate boardroom. In partnership with Digital Directors Network (DDN), WCGC will educate and promote a pipeline of women, trained in cyber governance and competent to lead on the boards of public and privately held companies. The WCGC is filling the inaugural WCGC Cohort 1 by recruiting 75 women corporate directors and 25 women technology executives to receive executive education in systemic cyber risk and corporate governance through DDN’s online masterclasses.

What is the value of becoming involved in the WCGC?

Every corporate director needs to develop and maintain a basic competency level in cybersecurity and cyber governance to effectively govern the complex digital business systems that power the growing amount of business value their companies create and deliver. Cyber risk is a significant litigation and financial risk for the organization, shareholders and all stakeholders. Cyber success starts in the boardroom, with corporate directors who can be an effective part of the organization’s cybersecurity system.

Boardrooms also need more cyber leaders to become corporate directors. The SEC has proposed rules that will require U.S. public companies to disclose boardroom cyber expertise. By recruiting women cyber leaders to corporate directorship, the pool of cyber leaders able to step into the corporate boardroom will expand.

What is the role of the WCGC Steering Committee?

The WCGC Steering Committee provides strategic oversight of the application process, onboarding of cohorts and promotion of the certified experts.

What is the role of the WCGC Advisory Committee?

The WCGC Advisory Committee identifies qualified women to participate in the Masterclass series.

What are the requirements?

The requirements for the DDN QTE 501 Boardroom Readiness for Technology Executives Masterclass: Technology or cyber executives who want to be boardroom ready Qualified Technology Experts (QTEs). QTEs are board-ready and experienced technology and cyber executives who have the education and experience to work in the corporate boardroom — either as digitally savvy corporate directors or as an executive working with their own corporate board. Participants do not need to have experience in the corporate boardroom or with the concepts of corporate governance. Class participants are expected to have operational and senior level managerial experience in one or more domains of a complex digital business system. QTE 501 Masterclass participants take an exam on the course content to earn the DDN QTE certification and recognition.

The requirements for the DDN 502 Systemic Risk for Corporate Directors Masterclass: The DDN 502 masterclass is for private and public company corporate directors who want to understand the latest issues in governing systemic cyber risk. DDN 502 will document and keep corporate directors current on the latest threat issues and tactics in cyber risk, cyber disclosure, and cyber economics. Participants will be taught the DiRECTOR™ framework—the leading framework for governing digital and cybersecurity risk in complex digital business systems. Documenting corporate director training on cyber and systemic risk is a leading corporate governance practice. Masterclass participants will be able to take an exam on the course content upon course completion. They will receive a course Certificate of Completion to document their course participation.

What are the time commitments for each course?

QTE 501 Masterclass: 6.5 hours of live on-line class hours over a 2-week period with 5 hours of pre-reading material spread over the 2 week class. QTE Certification awarded upon receiving a passing grade at the completion of a 90-minute exam.

DDN 502 Masterclass: 2.5 hours of live (virtual) class hours with 3 hours of pre-reading material. Certification of Completion awarded at the completion of a one-hour exam.

When will classes be held?

Class schedules will be released in August. Classes will be held multiple times during the Fall/Winter of 2022.

How does one apply?

Applications are found on this webpage. The Steering Committee will select applicants based on experience, diversity in terms of industry, location and experience, and assessment of the applicant’s responses to the application questions. Applications may be taken on a rolling basis.

Where do I find out more information?

You can contact Gwen Young, Gwen Young, gwen [at] wbcollaborative [dot] org or Deb Woolley, deb.woolley [at] wbcollaborative [dot] org or refer to the WBC website and DDN website.

Who is the Digital Directors Network?

DDN is the world’s leading boardroom and executive network focused exclusively on improving digital and cyber risk oversight in the corporate boardroom. DDN brings together and works with digital and cyber leaders, directors, corporate boards, and leading technology companies to transform the role of the corporate boardroom in shaping and securing the digital future.

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