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Measurement and benchmarking of their progress towards equality, inclusion, diversity as well as coaching on the transparency of workforce metrics



Catalyst provides measurement and analysis of both diversity and inclusion. Our Vital Signs assessment helps organizations measure representation and how target groups are moving through the pipeline. Our Catalyst Inclusion Accelerator survey measures 26 variables to provide a detailed picture of the drivers, indicators, and employee engagement effects of an organizations culture of inclusion.

Gender Fair:

Gender Fair logoGender Fair rates publicly-traded companies on their progress towards gender equality and diversity using a holistic methodology informed by the UN Womens’ Empowerment Principles. It now offers a new automated assessment for private companies that are able to receive a scorecard, along with a roadmap towards a more equitable organization. With more than 800 companies in the database, across most industry sectors, Gender Fair can demonstrate how organizations compare to the average and their competitors. Those who have met the standard can take advantage of Gender Fair’s marketing services to reach consumers, employees, investors and donors.

Shambaugh Leadership:

Shambaugh Leadership logoShambaugh Leadership provides a quantitative and qualitative approach to assess key levers that impact overall engagement, performance, retention and DE&I efforts. Our scalable assessments and surveys drive critical and important feedback that uncovers blind spots, challenges, and strengths that directly link to root causes and important barriers for women and diverse talent, career satisfaction, retention, and success. The insights that emerge from these assessments equip organizations with the information they need to ensure they are able to capitalize on opportunities for improvement.

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